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Leather Care

We are unsurprisingly attracted towards goods made of leather jackets, boots, wallets, bags and gloves- all are indebted to cattle hides.

Leather making is a skill that is older than 7000 years. Earlier cattle fats and oils have been used as treating elements to process cattle hides and get it ready for use. In modern times, different chemicals and procedures are being used to treat these hides in order to make it “LEATHER” and suitable for our use.

It is a material that has always been valuable, superior and a bit costly which never gets outdated.

Cleaning & Care

You care about things you love. Your leather item can remain fresh and healthy and surely last long if properly taken care of.  You may also need to clean your leather vest or jacket time to time. After each time you clean your leather, it needs care. There are numerous products available in market that can be applied to get new a finish on leather.

  Three quick steps of cleaning are here

1: After you are free from a ride, grab a soft brush or wipe the leather waistcoat or jacket with a soft cloth to remove any dirt.

2: Then use a damp cloth to wipe all the surface with gentle strokes.

3: Dry it completely with a piece of linen or flannel cloth, wait for a while and you are done.

Polisher and conditioner

Now it is time to apply a polisher and conditioner in order to ensure proper care of your article. Care treatments and respective products are quiet tricky when it is time to purchase online. May be you want to have a waterproofing cream or maybe you want to choose a polisher, but you need to look at it carefully before every purchase. e.g. 

A polisher that conditions as well is LEATHER HONEY  and can be ordered  online from

Leather care techniques


1: As leather comes from hides, so just like hide it needs some ventilation. It can get mildew or rot if it does not breathe. Whenever you receive a product at your door step, it comes wrapped in a plastic bag which is required for shipping. Immediately remove the plastic bag and hang your item in some airy place.

Later, you can use some cloth like cover e.g. a cotton pillow cover when keeping the leather item for travel purpose. 

Avoid direct sunlight and heat

If your leather item is wet, you would not resist to dry it in front of heater or use a hair dryer, never do that. It may shrink the product or alter the appearance altogether. Direct sunlight may also harm your leather too. Place it or hang it in a shady and ventilated area and let it dry even if it takes two days.

Avoid color fading

Leather faded naturally with the passage of time, don’t get worry. Store it in a dark, airy and a bit humid place to ensure the color and texture are safe from withering. Very arid and sunny spaces can lead to cracking and fading of your leather. 

Cleaning and care products 

some are the good products available on

1: Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner. It also contains a UV protector that saves your jacket drying out from sunlight.

Big mistake people do is they use a very wet cloth to clean it or wipe the leather too hard end even the color and texture goes out.

After that you can use the Leather honey polisher .

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