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You are a weekend traveler or a daily commuter; your favorite tailored leather might have come across with some soda, muddy splashes or some tough oil marks and even makeup. Don’t worry, to keep you rocking with Leatherick Jackets and Vests, we have some quick ways to get rid of stains and make your leather looks new all the way round.

1: Cleaning soda or other liquid stains

Spilled off fresh liquid must be wiped off quickly and blot off with some absorbent cloth or paper towel. If you have no time to wait for a purchase, use household materials to remove those weird stains.

A full-blown trend to treat soda stains is to clean with soap. Mix a few drops of any mild soap in water like Dawn, stir it to get a bubbly liquid. Dip a soft cloth in it and rub gently on the stains. Wipe off with a dry cloth and let it dry hanging in some airy and shady space.

2: Cleaning oily marks

Spread some talcum powder or some baking soda on the greasy spot, cover it fully and leave it for an hour or longer. Rub it in the stain with your hand and then dust off with a cloth. Cornstarch can also be the key to nail tough oily stains. Repeat the procedure if required.

3: Cleaning ink and mold spots

Little rubbing alcohol can be good on mold stains and ink spots. Rubbing a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol works great on these stains. Wipe off with some flannel.

4: Other stubborn stains

Mix white vinegar in water to clean the hardest stains. The more the vinegar the stronger be the cleaner for your leather, so be careful while using it.  Cream of tarter can also be added in water in order to create good cleaner for older stains. Use of a sponge instead of cloth gives better results.

5: Using cleaners available in market

Some very good products are offered in market that ensure cleaning and conditioning of your leather jacket, vest or hat.  For example, “miracle wipes for leather cleaning and conditioning”, “leather honey leather cleaner”, “leather rehab leather color restorer.”

5:Last but not the least “REJUVENATION

Conditioning after cleaning with some good conditioner can be a vibe for durability and good looks. But dry the leather before you put some conditioner.

  a:  Conditioners available on amazon and Ebay can be “Leather honey”, “TriNova”  “Ruskin leather cream and conditioner.”

b:  For daily commuters a U.V protector can be a good choice as well e.g. “TriNova U.V protector provides anti-aging formula against harsh sunbeams.

A big threat to your leather

Scrubbing your leather hard can fade its color and spoil the texture. Always ensure a safe spot test whenever you are using some household product or bought some expensive cleaner. Swiping with a gentle hand and checking the cloth if it gets too much darker quickly can be helpful in letting you know what to do next. May be your cleaner is too strong or your cloth is too wet.

Using these techniques can restore the fresh look of your product as well as make it last long.

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