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Waistcoat size chart

Size Suitable For Chest
Suitable For Waist
Suitable For Chest
Suitable For Waist
S 36 34 91.4 86.4
M 38 36 96.5 91.4
L 40 38 101.6 96.5
XL 42 40 106.6 101.6
2XL 44 42 111.7 106.6
3XL 46 44 116.8 111.7
4XL 48 46 122 116.8
5XL 50 48 127 122

Gloves size chart

Size Hand Circumference
S 7.50 - 8
M 8.25 - 8.75
L 9 - 9.5
XL 9.75 - 10.25
2XL 10.25 - 10.75

Hat size chart

Size Head Circumference
XS 53
S 54 - 55
M 56 - 57
L 58 - 59
XL 60 - 61
2XL 62 - 63

How To Measure Leather Jacket / Waistcoat

Measurement charts for Men Leather Jackets and Waistcoats are shown above. These size charts are developed according to body measurements. We then have designed our products that fit to these body measurements. All measurements are taken close to the body. Please remember not to take any measurements over your regular clothes.

To measure , use a cloth measuring tape

  1.  Chest: Stand naturally, and ask the helper to put the tape around the fullest part of your chest, just under the arms and pull the tape around the front. Don’t pull it tight, just barely take up the slack and get your reading.
  2. Waist: Now do the same thing on your belly, right around the fullest part, which is typically just above the navel and over the love handles while standing in a relaxed position.
  3. Length: Lengths of articles vary with styles, yet to measure the back length, start from the base of your neck to the tip of your back.
  4. If measurement is an odd number, please round up to the next even size. Use your measurement to choose the size from the chart attached.
Men Jacket Size Chart only Dummy

Note: Measure both Chest and Waist size. If your Chest size is Larger than your Waist Size, select a size according to your Chest Size. And if your waist size is larger than Chest size, then you must opt for a size that is according to your waist measurement.

If you get some ambiguity is selecting your size, send us your measurements (Up to date actual Chest size and Waist size), we will be ready to help you find the perfect fit.

For further help, feel free to contact us at 


How To Measure Gloves

To measure , use a cloth measuring tape

  1. Loop around your hand, just below the knuckles, to measure palm circumference.
  2. Don’t include your thumb in this measurement.
Gloves Size

How To Measure Hats

To measure , use a cloth measuring tape

  1. Place the measuring tape around your head, just above the ears, to get the circumference of head. It is advised to take measurements 2-3 times and get the average. Measure in centimeters.
  2. Don’t pull it tight, just barely take up the slack and get your reading.
Hat Size
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