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Wojtek (Poland)

He put patches on our denim trim cut and shared this lovely picture.
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John Amcoff (Sweden)

Chilling out with friends, John shared this picture of cordura leather trim vest he purchased @leatherick.
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Rasmus (Denmark)

Rasmus is wearing our Full Denim Club vest. He got customized Denim vests for his club. You may follow them on instagram @mad_medics
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Liam Nathaniel (England)

Liam purchased Leatherick's top seller Collarless Club vest, added patches on it and share this lovely picture on instagram.
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Top Quality Stuff from leatherick.
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Finally I got this beautiful vest from leatherick. Thank you!.
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Love this Product. Definately I will buy again. Thanks alot.
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Really love this awesome leather vest from @leatherick.
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Next Level Stuff. Abslutely Amazing Quality
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The leather vest from leatherick has not only top quality and several pockets, its fits perfect and really confortable.
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What I was looking for, I get it. Thanks leatherick team.
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Our Customer

I would rate this product 10 out of 10 becaue of its Amazing quality.
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